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Situation: I love little villages in the Alps
Complication: I hate big mobs of tourists
Question: How to minimize the risk of running into big mobs of tourists while visiting little villages in the Alps?

1. Visit during shoulder season
2. Get up early
3. Run away on e-bike

1. Visit Salzburgland in October
2. Take the first ferry to Hallstat at 7:06 and watch trout whacking
3. Bike up to Gosau as soon as I spot the mob

guide: Where you reach the fork in the paths, bikes must be carried (about 30 minutes). Pass the Durchgangalm and you will arrive at a “crossroads”. Turn left here and you can get on your bike again and enjoy a long ride along the Echerntal valley to Hallstatt.

giblet (COUNT=1243)

Eating giblet sautee while listening to giblet gravy

A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes via psycho-gourmet: “when the giblets are thoroughly cleaned, put them into a saucepan with some thyme, winter savory, chopped onions, pepper and salt, and about a quart of water, and set them on the fire”

here & there (& there) (COUNT=1241)



Warm. Almost windless. We celebrated father’s day on the sixth floor patio. He babysat the BBQ and dished out delish burgers and corn on the cob. I cobbled together calamari and bread crumbs and garlic and leek.

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& there

Most weekends. We visit my parents. My mother runs around the kitchen serving six courses. This time, she is (sort of) sitting still. Reminded me of a rainy afternoon in Bogota. The rain gave us a reason to convince my mother to let us have (yet another) coffee.


(& there)

So we sat in this restaurant perched on the side of the hill. Watching the clouds. The helicopter is putting out fire. In the rain.

pluto used to be a planet

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Before being demoted to a mere exoplanet by Mike “Pluto Killer” Brown, Pluto was riding high as Planet Nine. Before being demoted to a mere exoplanet by Mike “I Hate Pluto” Brown, Pluto was riding high as Planet Nine. But you know what, no one can tell Pluto what it is and is not, and no one can tell you that either. Pluto can still be a planet if it wants, and you can still be an artist if you want, so do your thing.

Yesterday, the cashier at Metro had to restart the machine twice. Standing there watching the windows logo crawl across the monitor, I thought of DFW again (e.g. within your power to experience a crowded, hot, slow, consumer-hell type situation as not only meaningful, but sacred, on fire with the same force that made the stars) and proceeded to compare and contrast the various ways the people ahead of me in line expressed their frustrations.

In this age of social media, people talk about personal branding all the time. PwC has an entire deck on how to impress others “with the unique and authentic you”. My problem is more fundamental. How to impress myself with the unique and authentic me?

Maybe what makes my life “not only meaningful, but sacred, on fire with the same force that made the stars” is my ability to find joy in the analysis of any situation. Fighting!

Cafe Presse


When in Seattle, I had yogurt with honey and walnut at Cafe Presse. Here is great article about Jim Drohmah: What we discovered in Paris was that on certain days of the year or certain days of the week, all of the other restaurants would be closed and the only thing that was open was the local bar-café, and you go, “Okay, well let’s try it for dinner and see if it’s good or not.” And sure enough, it would be simple food that was well prepared and tasty. So that was really what we had in mind, to create something more lively, something stripped down in its food to more contemporary Parisian food that is widely accessible to people, that would serve whatever you needed from a public space during the whole course of a day. We’re open from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week. Other than some place to sleep, we give you everything else that you can possibly hope for.