Wow!!! It’s been 33 months since I had a “my life is boring” moment. And another interesting experience this week.

On Tuesday, I got up at 4 am for my 8 am flight because I need to renew my work visa. I went into secondary and waited and waited and got rejected. Even though I’ve had TN visa for most of my working life. The upside is that, on the ride back on the Union Pearson, I got a nice view of the sun rising over Toronto.

This weekend: attempt visa renewal at land border. The upside is that, he’s been wanting to visit Buffalo for a while. We are thinking silo city and blue sky mausoleum.

Next weekend: hot pot party with Anne & Josh.

Next next weekend: celebrate his birthday.

Next next next weekend: he will make roast for my mum’s birthday.


there (there) and here (COUNT=1283)


One interest that I picked up from him is Le Corbusier and, in Stuttgart, we visited the Weissenhof Estate.

NYTimes: Imagine one of those glacially chic early-20th-century Modernist interiors. // Whatever you imagined, I’ll bet it was in black and white. It’s a safe bet, because our perceptions of early Modernism — at the Bauhaus design school in 1920s Germany, or the purist villas that Le Corbusier was building in France — are shaped by the photographs taken at the time, and they were all in black and white.


In Frankfurt, we also saw some interesting architecture. Somehow the interior of MyZeil Shopping Mall reminds me of Wong Kar-wai. We didn’t have lunch on the train from Austria and got super hungry in the middle of the afternoon when all German restaurants are closed. So we ate good thai food while listening to jazz.

For his birthday coming up, we are planning to revisit poetry jazz cafe (preceded by dinner at rose & son). We’ve done a few stay-cations but this year, just home.

not traveling (COUNT=1276)


One thing you remember on vacation is that it’s very romantic is to take long walks so we decided to do a three hour walk this weekend.

1. We began by walking east to where Queen meets King and grabbed coffee to go from Odin. Walking through Europaviertel in Frankfurt reminded me of this area.


2. Part of the path along the Don River is under construction (and he does not believe in walking through construction sites) so we took a detour along Broadview and admired the brickwork on some buildings.


3. One thing I love about Toronto is that you can be on a busy street with glassy condo buildings and then, down a flight of stairs, tree branches in every direction.


4. At Big Teeth, we took the path north (instead of east to my parents) and enjoyed the canoe sculptures.

5. Further north, we crossed mountain biking paths and frisbee golf thingy’s (see top picture).

6. At one point, as we walked along a winding road towards Sunnybrook Hospital, he said: this is just like Germany.

Maybe castles are just a state of mind!

three little volcanoes (COUNT=1270)


Two years ago, I wrote: I think the answer is to find joy in the little volcanoes

Three weeks until Austrian Alps. I love mountains because, even if there is no volcano, the weather always delivers a revelation or two

i++ It started to rain as we headed back from brunch at Lena. A good chance to admire the geometry of empty patios (Dineen Coffee picture above).


i++ Many sidewalks have disappeared. A good chance to admire construction sites. (Maybe it has something to do with being older. I feel as though the city is changing rapidly and that I’m traveling through time.)


i++ Picking up fresh pasta from St Lawrence Market. A good chance to admire (not to buy) 7.99 blue berries.

img src=artnet


Got new boots from Express (that look like the ones I wore in high school) and decided to requantify my shoe closet:
1 x birkenstock (to replace gold sandals)
1 x sneakers
2 x flats (navy loafers; black in STL office)
4 x heels (Express boots; brown Oxford; faded pink in STL office; alligator in TO office)
1 x cute winter boots
1 x real winter boots (for visiting Quebec City in February)
1 x hiking shoes
1 x running shoes
12 x shoes

total = 12 + 1 x zara sweater + 76 = 89 < 99

beer for humanity (COUNT=1259)


i++ Gray Roots Museum with his parents to see “Saints & Sinners: A Spirited History of Grey County” (picture above)

i++ Royal City Hibiscus Saison: “tradional farmhouse style ale fermented with Escarpment Labs’ old world saison yeast. A generous hibiscus tea infusion adds a modest pink blush to the beer”

i++ Wellington: Dad loves Imperial Russian Stout: “Imperial Russian Stout is one of the boldest beers brewed in Ontario. With an inviting aroma of dark chocolate and coffee, Imperial Russian Stout has a smooth, full bodied flavour patterned after the highly fortified stouts that were exported from the U.K. to Russia in the 1800’s”

i++ Jordon St John’s Tour with Tiffany & Faisel: “I had finished my Heritage Toronto walk on the Lost Breweries of the old city, the third of four for the summer, and had managed to remember nearly all of the regular talking points. Headed east over the Don, I was kicking myself for confusing the High Park Johns. Surely John Howard lived in John Colborne’s Lodge. I should have known that. My high school operated on a house system and I was IN Howard’s for God’s sake. It shouldn’t have been that hard to remember, but in the moment, in the direct sunlight, with a crowd of a couple of dozen ticket holders watching, you can misspeak”