365 grateful project (count=46)

2011 ended on an unexpected note. My paternal grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My extended family all agreed that it would be best for him to stay at a place specially designed for people with Alzheimer’s. One week after he left home, he passed away.

To be honest, I cannot remember what we talked about the last time I talked to him. But I am grateful for all the memories of my childhood; I used to follow him around fishing and reciting Chinese poems.

    I’m also grateful for:

  • having an always supportive mum (even though her new year’s wish is for me to be more normal)
  • having an always supportive dad (even though he yelled at me for not pointing out a highway exit in Los Angeles)
  • having someone who always calls when he said he would (e.g. 11:45 on new year’s eve)

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