365 grateful project (count=54)

  • Mozart’s Concerto for Three Pianos followed by Jupiter Symphony. The three pianos were interesting although not particularly impressive. Love how they played each voice of the last movement before they played the symphony. You can hear the build forty seconds into this youtube video.
  • Really really good food at Tutti Mati (e.g. cold smoked duck carpaccio with salted chestnut praline frisée, radicchio and quince vinaigrette). I love this place. I don’t know why I don’t go there more often. Instead always seeking out new places. The chandelier somehow evokes Fresnel lens used in lighthouses.
  • Looking forward to a couple things at the Factory theater: Penny Plain and the Big Smoke. Also looking forward to a couple things at Soul Pepper: High Life and Endgame.
  • I’m generally happy with who I am. One person I have been envious of is Stephen. How can he be so smart and so easygoing at the same time!!! Stories I heard at his housewarming made me realize that it’s not so easy being Stephen. For example, when Denise and Stephen visited Japan, they bought two bottles of soft drinks together. Even though Stephen clearly preferred one over the other, Denise drank that one. Denise would never do that to me. Even easygoing people have to draw the line somewhere but they don’t always know how.

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