365 grateful project (count=78)

  • Denise and I did spa for my bday. Nothing like letting out some steam in the steam room!
  • Followed by dinner at Pangaea (winterlicious). I picked cheese platter for dessert and the blue was surprisingly good.
  • His turn to pick a coffee place and he picked Capital Expresso where the cappuccino is extra foamy and …
  • … where I found out that Necessary Angel Theatre Company is bringing back divisadero: “Michael Ondaatje collaborates with Daniel Brooks to adapt his novel Divisadero – a violent and passionate story exploring themes of memory, identity, love and the grip of the past on the present.”
  • Come up to my room was a lot of fun and I found more Angry Asian Girl.
  • It was warm with a sprinkle of snowpowder so we walked back from the Gladstone, dropping by the new CB2 at Bathurst (liking one of the candle holders but it’s not very minimalist to buy something just to hold a candle so I will stick with candles in tall water glasses) and …
  • Longo’s to pick up pizza ingredients (pineapple, smoked prosciutto, arugula, parmigiano reggiano). We drenched the pizza in balsamic vinegar (oops gotta clean oven).

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