365 grateful project (count=117)

(images from cecilehouse.com)

Have had many amazing tasting trips to Niagara on the Lake over the years (2006 / 2008 / 2010 / 2011) but this is easily the best

  • Mild winter not the best for harvesting frozen grapes but perfect for amble through the vines
  • cecile’s house is impeccable from chocolate bread to bathroom tile
  • Not impressed by Sand and Gravel in fact me thinks Ravine is more style than substance but discovered southbrook which has great style and great substance
  • cattail creek was my favorite: 2008 Select Late Harvest Meritage + Dark Chocolate Butterscotch Crunch
  • amazing osso bucco at epicurean accompanied by white bean cassoulet and wild mushrooms
  • rhubarb pickle is perfect with pork or field greens

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