365 grateful project (count=146)

  • architizer: The New York Times quotes MoMA’s chief curator of architecture and design (and jury member) Barry Bergdoll, who says that Wendy is “pro-active, it’s not apologetic… It’s going to be amazing from the No. 7 train!”
  • Penny Plain much darker than I expected; yes I expected romance at the end of the world to be more lighthearted; zoomermag: “The plot intrigues, and at points seems inspired by something out of Beckett or Arthur Miller. // One of the highlights is the appearance of Geppetto and his grown son. The symbolism, in terms of the plot and of the character’s relation to Burkett himself, is ripe for interpretation”
  • preceded by the always delish smoked salmon sandwich from petit four; last ate there with Yiding; can’t believe I haven’t been there for four months; used to go there every week when I worked at OW
  • T+T’s sticky black rice bun is my idea of real fusion: layer of (flower scented?) sticky black rice between french bread)
  • trio of green tea snacks: cracker with green tea leaves; uji green tea cream sandwich; matcha meltykiss

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