grateful at work (count=170)

Sometimes I notice that some people at work are not happy. Most of the time it’s because they are thinking about how they compare against other people. It reminds me of being in first grade. To join Young Pioneers, one must get 100 on both the language test and the math test. I always got 100 on the language test. I used to always get 99 on the math test because seven plus five is eleven. To say that I felt left behind when all my friends joined Young Pioneers would be an understatement. Twenty three years later, I’m certain that feeling is still with me even if I don’t think about this kind of stuff consciously.

So, what to think/talk about at work?

  • Jessica and I are going to see The Job: “Will the candidates endure this Survivor meets The Apprentice competition for employment? Should they have to? This brutal examination of entry-level recruitment sheds light on the stigma of being unemployed, the power dynamics of interviewing and the roles people play in their quest to earn a minimum wage.”
  • Faisel and I are doing choco exchange: He gave me choco with mint chips, which is surprisingly good even though I can’t stand choco with mint cream (uh toothpaste uh); I gave him 99.
  • Michel, who used to work in Amsterdam, cannot stand Canadian coffee. He put a coffee machine in the kitchen, which is next to the entrance. The scent of great coffee hits me the second I step into the office. It’s like I’m working for Starbucks.

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