hot docs (count=197)

  • The Job: “Ten French job seekers show up for a two-day recruitment session knowing only that they’re vying for a sales position in the insurance field. Will the candidates endure this Survivor meets The Apprentice competition for employment?”
  • Garden in the Sea: “cinematography that leaves poetic and lasting images of a sea that is still abundant and a land that is still plentiful”.
  • Tchoupitoulas: The incomprehensible one this year. Maybe life is completely incohesive. Documentaries shouldn’t be.
  • Tundra Book: “In the magnificent landscape of Russia’s Arctic Circle, just across the Bering Strait from Alaska, 72-year-old patriarch Vukvukai leads his Indigenous Chukchi family in caring for their herd of 14,000 reindeer.”
  • Polish Illusions: The favorite this year. Retired pilot. Aging illusionist. What is worthy of remembrance?

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