short film fest (count=224)


  • “The Maker: A rabbit-like creature must create a new version of himself before time runs out in this beautifully crafted meditation on self-renewal.
  • Gravity Of Center: Join the RUBBERBANDance troupe in this exploration of the push and pull between individual expression and group dynamics. Watch as this exquisite film pushes the boundaries of cinematic movement to new heights.
  • Lifetripper: Every day on the bus, Stan entertains his fellow passengers with his conversational sense of humour. A thought-provoking look at a man who quietly realizes his potential, as a comic and a human being.
  • How To Raise The Moon: A rabbit tries to keep an unconscious woman firmly rooted in this world, while a fox works to raise her body up towards the moon. Hauntingly lush black and white animation provides a surrealist take on the cycle of life.
  • Withering Love: Maria (Emmanuelle Béart, 8 Women) witnesses writer Vincent’s (Denis Lavant, A Very Long Engagement) suicide attempt and becomes instantly embroiled in a quest to find his enigmatic muse. An alluring tale of love, lost and found.”

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