365 grateful project (count=271)

img src=design-milk

  • Abgoosht at Sheherezade: “A stew of lamb shank, lamb rib, chickpeas, white beans, potato, onion, tomato and spices cooked for over 4 hours, Abgoosht forms a complete two course meal. First, the broth is carefully strained from the pot into a soup bowl. The broth is sipped as a soup and often soaked with torn pieces of barbary flatbread in a style called tareed’ (the slang version is tileet). The meat and the beans are then pounded into a coarse puree to be scooped up with flatbread and eaten with fresh scallions, creamy yogurt and torshi.”
  • Slow roasted beef brisket at Black Camel
  • Saumon tartare at Jules Bistro
  • Got olive blossom soap.
  • Got black label balsamic jelly
  • I used to think: one day, when I’m super successful, I will buy a super sexy espresso machine. Now I’m super happy with the super simple French press that dad got me. Simple is good.

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