365 grateful project (count=317)

  • Admiring cool graphs at informationisbeautiful
  • Climbing with Stephen at the new rock gym across from his work
  • Learning Bollywood moves at Tiffancy and Faisel’s wedding
  • Dining at Sharon and Carl’s wedding: fresh lobster tartare with almond and roasted garlic tuile; maple smoked piglet, fine string beans, wild raisin vinegar marinated red onions and fried parsley; marinated beef blank steak glazed with madera sauce served on a celeriac gratin, grilled asparagus, miniature pepper and zucchini; zucchini cake topped with a saint-honore gratine and a drizzle of birth syrup, served with fresh figs and a baby greens and flower petal salad
  • Counting down to Iceland

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