grateful (count=377)

(img from the atlantic)

  • People enjoying coffee in Venice (it’s flooding; so what)
  • Me enjoying Turkish latte at Sense Appeal
  • Him making caramelized onion for our pizza (the other toppings are pineapple, red pepper, sausage and ham)
  • Me making fennel soup (the other ingredients are garlic, corn, pizza sauce and butter chicken sauce)
  • Me making egg fried rice for Mum’s bday (egg = broccoli quiche; rice = rice salad with baby squash, Brussels sprouts, mushroom and red pepper)
  • Me loving the second movement of Shostakovich Symphony No.12 “The Year 1917”: “In the gloom, uninspired, “Lenin” broods (a new theme on solo horn), the “People” creeping deep in the shadows of his mind. A chorale tartly evokes Lenin’s self-righteousness. Suddenly, the “People” burgeon into an idea (violins), and the several themes intermingle in sombre meditation, swelling into threnody (presaging the consequent agony of the people) before receding into gloom. Holy light penetrates the blackness, over pulsing strings the “brooding” theme becomes “divine inspiration”. As this theme progresses through bassoon to clarinet, it spawns a brief quotation of Shostakovich’s early, abortive Funeral March for the Victims of the Revolution, a supremely ironic comment on Lenin’s “genius”. Tamtam and string tremolandos cast a deathly chill of over the rosy glow. Sounding uncannily like one of Alberich’s more grandiloquent gestures, Lenin proclaims his plan (the “inspiration” theme) on solo trombone. Pizzicato basses intone an element of the threnody of the Eleventh Symphony, juxtaposed meaningfully with the people’s three notes over a subterranean bass drum.” (program notes)
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