trudeau’s pirouette (count=439)

  • Finished part 3 of champions; love trudeau’s pirouette; actually think both trudeau and levesque are really great; yes they are politicians but, more importantly, they are thinkers and not afraid to stand up for their ideas
  • Of course, one cannot think of trudeau without thinking of national energy program without thinking of ed clark who is the most interesting of the Canadian bank CEO’s but neither politicans nor CEO’s have happy endings

Timing in this business is everything, and Clark need only look at his own rise to the top of TD as a reminder. Baillie was highly respected in the industry, yet he left under the stain of TD’s first-ever annual loss, apologizing to investors for the embarrassing mishap with soured loans, and essentially falling on his sword so that Clark’s tenure would begin with a clean slate.

Clark hopes to be remembered as a great leader, but, he says, “I’m not big into legacy things. I don’t want to sound gruesome, but when I’m gone, the ants will be eating the body away and I won’t feel a thing, right?

What is happy ending?


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