A small minority are confident to go it alone

Perhaps more significantly for the longer term, the data shows that a small minority of customers, 11% on average, no longer consider personal interaction important. People in this category have become more familiar with insurance products and have a good understanding of their needs and how their needs change over time. They are increasingly confident about taking greater control over the buying process. These customers, who prefer not to have any personal interaction, want complete control over the buying process and don’t want to be subjected to sales pressure.

Top reasons why Americas customers don’t want personal interaction
55% I want to avoid pushy salespeople
31% I think I can get a better deal myself by shopping around online

Many customers (24%) change providers because their needs have changed, indicating that insurers are missing a key opportunity to anticipate and address these changing needs through proactive communications and flexible offerings.

EY Global Consumer Insurance Survey 2012 – The Americas


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