sandwich harbour (count=562)

One of our stops in Namibia. People used to live here. Now sand.

Travel Africa: “Sandwich Harbour is one of the most visibly and actively evolving geomorphic areas along the Namibian coast. It has been changing since records began and will undoubtedly continue to do so long into the future. It was once a natural harbour for whalers and fishing vessels, attracted by fresh water in the lagoon. This fossil water, possibly up to 7000 years old, seeps through from the interior at the base of the dunes. While rather brackish, it is drinkable. The salinity gradient, dictated by the levels of incoming sea water, determines the distribution of the many fish and bird species which breed there. The lagoon is protected from the ocean by a beach barrier that continuously changes shape due to the stormy Atlantic’s long-shore currents and strong south-west winds. Likewise the lagoon and sandbars are ceaselessly changing.”


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