grateful (count=605)

img src=rioholidays

  • Pretty picture of Ipanema (a place I will never visit because I’m sure I will be disappointed)
  • Not usually a fan of Asian girls covering The Girl From Ipanema but I like the version in Olivia Ong’s girl meets bossanova
  • Remembering his birthday at Reposado: que vem e que passa
  • Debating the most romantic moment and reached agreement on this one: “I don’t have a picture for the most magical moment strolling through saint louis square, surrounded by victorian gingerbread houses, past the tiny tables where espresso is served, past firefly like lights. A jazz duet (violin plus guitar). We sit. The wind blows. The wind blows harder. The music continues. The rain splatters. The rain pours. The music continues.”

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