counting deserts (count=629)

1. Counting down to Utah trip!

2. I’ve visited seven deserts already!

The Patagonian (calafate photo above)
The Arabian
The Kalahari
The Namib
The Highlands of Iceland
The Sonoran
The higher elevation Mojave (death valley photo below)

3. Never been to Chihuahuan desert and not sure why people refer to the events described in 2666 as Sonoran crimes

4. NatGeo:

Because it is so heavily tapped for agriculture, industry, and municipal uses along its course, the Colorado River rarely reaches its delta and the Gulf of California.

Less than a fifth of the Rio Grande’s historical flow now reaches the Gulf. For a few years in the early 2000s, the river failed to reach the coast entirely. All that separated the United States from Mexico was a beach of dirty sand and an orange nylon fence.

Since 1972, the Yellow River has frequently run dry before reaching the sea, thanks to extensive diversion, largely for agriculture. In 1997, the lower Yellow River did not flow for a whopping 230 days.

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