fueled by fine wine (count=630)

One of those days feel as if there is not enough new stuff going on in life

January: revisiting Chicago (picture: sears tower from diversey on brown) (hit filter button on iphone accidentally)
May: revisiting Utah
September: revisiting Collingwood

Then I read this and life seems worth living again!

runnersworld: The first thing to know about Fueled by Fine Wine is that you won’t PR. This is excellent news. With 35 wineries in the Dundee-Hills appellation, you can hit some before the race guilt-free. In fact, immersion in the region is exactly what race director and wine connoisseur Chris Nagy had in mind four years ago when she designed the course on—not alongside—the vineyards. Runners travel in between the vines on dirt tractor roads, kicking up the red, iron-rich soil that produces some of Oregon’s best pinot noirs. The course changes each year to show off different sections of the 1,500-acre region, but expect big climbs and quiet, rolling vistas. At the finish, 20-plus wineries pour under a big white tent, so grab your 21-ounce burgundy glass and sample the wines.


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