The Blue Rigi, Sunrise 1842 (count=740)

img src=tate

Mid December 2005 {self worth, etc.}

I went to the art institute with Jinhe. The Impressionist collection, although impressive, is not quite cohesive. Me thinks the paintings should be arranged in a maze, as opposed to a series of numbered rooms.

I bought a postcard of Paris Street; Rainy Day by Caillebotte. It reflects my mood more than my memory of Paris. I also learnt the interesting fact that, when he painted his bedroom, Van Gogh was attempting to capture the peacefulness achieved by Seurat. It’s just funny thinking about Van Gogh striving for peace. Perhaps he tried too hard.

In the basement, there were clever pictures taken by new grads from colleges around Chicago. One theme was consumption and how it affects our sense of self-worth. A particular picture made me laugh out loud: a girl clutching at a rail of wedding dresses.

I recently saw Harry Potter, Zorro, the Producers and Pride & Prejudice. Interestingly, I saw Roman Osin’s work only hours after seeing Turner at the art institute. I object to the too-conventionally-handsome Mr. Darcy but I do love the scene where she sits in a swing. Beautiful spinning transience cruelly reminding you to count your chances. Or else.

I got my Fiona Apple CD so, as far as I am concerned, Christmas is here.

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