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  • Rough Guides interviews Pico Iyer: “I walk, walk, walk, for as much as I can during my first few hours in a place and, if it’s too big to be seen on foot, I start taking buses to the end of the line.” (Is this the new thing? The next time I take the bus to the end of the line, instead of locals, I might find myself surrounded by tourists. Then I will have to try to pick a line that other tourists are unlikely to pick. The game to be The Most Interested Tourist continues.)
  • “The shore supports little or no life, but it is alive itself. It moves. Day by day, month by month, it is moving westward, further and further out to sea. Not only do the charts, poor as they are, prove this. There is visible evidence in the wrecks of ships that are today high and dry in the sand, far from the water’s edge. Best-known of all is that, further down the coast, of the German Woermann liner, Eduard Bohlen, which stranded in 1909 and is today well over half-a-mile inland. She rests on an even keel, with masts and funnel still standing, for all the world as if she were sailing through the desert.”

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