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I picked up Finermans Rules because, hey, of course making life decisions should be like making investment decisions. I haven’t actually read it but flipping through, I find it interesting for other reasons. “Fast forward more than 20 years to an art gallery in the Upper East Side of New York. Another Hockney show. // Honestly, though, I wasn’t loving the show in the way I had anticipated, but I didn’t want to be rude to the memories, so I slowly walked from wall to wall, trying to take in each piece and notice it for its Hockneyness. The vivid primary colors were there, and the painting contained the wit and whimsy that are Hockney signatures, but my passion was gone. I think I felt the way my literature-major friends sometimes feel when they re-read a book from their college years that they had underlined, dog-eared, and exclamation-pointed and find it has lost its romance and meaning in middle age.”

We fall into and out of love with paintings, films, books, etc. We also fall into and out of love with jobs and people. Hopefully some of that can be sustained even though change is the only constant in life.

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