capture the blur (count=759)

img src=marchandmeffre

Ever since I saw how to make a book with Steidl, I’ve been following his new release page. Now there is a book on Detroit.

Two years ago, I really wanted to visit Uyuni. Today, I’m more interested in exploring different parts of this continent.* Two years from now, I will probably be sighing over not having taken enough pictures of pre-gentrification Regent Park. It’s not that I’m getting older and less amazed by the exotic sights and sounds of distant lands that might be disappearing as I type, but that I’m equally amazed by the changes happening around the corner. Change is neither good nor bad. Just different. And I want to capture the blur.

*One day, I’d still like to walk on kumano kodo but it’s probably okay if I never end up visiting gunkanjima.


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