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Love Ninja
We already know Wee Ninja are more about love than hate, but Love Ninja takes it a step further, having the power to spread love without you even knowing it.

“Love is the answer…”

In 2007, I was ‘forced’ to read 7 habits. I survived the first 24 years of my life without self help books. Why should I start now? But everybody else in the book club wanted to read it. So I whined about it, sighed over it, finally read it and loved it, especially the section on the personal mission statement.

To Love Myself: Sleep, eat, exercise & read.
To Love Family & Friends: Let people know that I think of them.
To Serve Clients: Accept that we do not know everything and do my best in dealing with the unknown.
To Serve Community: Seek influence, not recognition.

Part of the reason why I wrote “do my best in dealing with the unknown” is that, on some M&A projects, I wasn’t digging as deeply as I would like. Sam’s advice was that, if something important was wrong, I can trust him and other team members to pick it up. Since I’m doing this kind of work again, I’m guessing this wasn’t a big issue for me to begin with.

In 2007, I got some coaching from Lillian and realized that I needed to work on my listening skills. At OW, I realized that it makes sense to put as much effort into communicating my work as actually doing it. Hearing things like “we need to work hard to increase the reusability of slides” still makes me roll my eyes but I agree that fitting interesting ideas into a predictable structure is key to getting people to open up. In 2010, I updated my mission statement to include “listen, structure & communicate”.

to love myself: sleep, eat, exercise & read
to love family & friends: let people know that I think of them
to serve clients: ask, listen, structure & communicate
to serve community: seek influence, not recognition

Looking at this today, I think what I most urgently need to improve is “let people know that I think of them”. Maybe love ninja can give me a hand!

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