panda licorice (count=798)


  • panda shaped licorice
  • lemon olive tapanade (Au Printemps Gourmet)
  • Le Neuf Cafe

This morning, as we were walking around debating where to do our Saturday coffee date …

He said: I want to have a brownie.
I said: Look. Le Neuf Cafe. Ali said brunch there is pretty good.

A couple hours later, as we were doing groceries at Longo’s …

He said: Wait. Did you switch from coffee date to brunch to stop me from having a brownie?
I said: He he he

A few minutes later, as we were unpacking groceries …

I said: Where did these sweets come from?
He said: He he he

But I have to admit that panda shaped licorice is pretty good.

He wanted chicken breast to go with our usual pasta with lemon sauce. I was going to make my usual mustard sauce but then discovered a jar of lemon olive tapanade that we haven’t opened.

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