does time fly as we get older (count=842)

We made our first ever feet movie in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, Crawfish Capitol of the World. Sitting in a porch swing in front of our cajun cottage, the school house.

Counting down to thirty second birthday, tis time to write another post on aging, mortality, life expectancy. I often hear people say that time flies as we get older because there are fewer memorable events. As if it’s inevitable that the first day of school, the first family vacation, the first trip to Antarctica would always be the most memorable.

I think the memorable is created by the process of remembering. If the process of remembering is completely random, then my twelfth birthday should be twice as memorable as my twenty second birthday simply because I’ve had twice as much time to remember it.

Nothing wrong with being nostalgic about the past. But it’s dangerous to fall into the delusion that the past is somehow more magical than the present. Because then we risk failing to appreciate the present as much as we should. And the people in it. As they are in the present.

Before the feet movie, we canoed on the foggy pond in circles. Somewhere between the movie and the canoeing, we spotted the spider web, glistening in the rain.

I said: Not sure how good these spider web pictures will be. Is there enough contrast against the background?
He said: Is this better?

Tags: first feet movie, first piggy face spider web portrait



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