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It took him a while to find the perfect running shoes at Eaton Center. I got hungry so we grabbed a bite at Foodwares Market. The pretzel buns are super. i++

I’m very proud of the fact that my neighborhood is known as an inclusive neighborhood but it’s hilarious that a new condo development has put up a sign quoting Stephen Covey: “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” i++

Star: Beginning with Crombie, a succession of Toronto mayors had direct access to Jacobs. It was she as much anyone who ensured that St. Lawrence didn’t end up a Canadian Pruitt-Igoe, the appalling mid-’50s housing project in St. Louis, Missouri, blasted to bits in the early ’70s. After almost 40 years, there’s no possibility of such a fate befalling St. Lawrence. It is an established city neighbourhood, newer than most, but as much a part of the city as any and there for all to see. If only we could remember how we did it.

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