grateful (count=871)

Usually, once a year, I have a panic attack about my life not being interesting. Actually, because this hasn’t happened for a year now, I’m trying to preempt it by writing posts about what it means to have an interesting life

“If you read this and were like, Wow, your life is really boring! please know that I added in a bunch of jokes and captions and whatnot and that my actual life is way more boring than depicted.”


I saw four episodes of Hotaru no Hibari 2. Basically, it’s about a couple who enjoys the ‘not interesting’ life of sitting on a porch and drinking beer together. Every so often, one or both of them feel the urge to improve their life (i.e. make it more ‘love love’) which causes confusion, drama, etc. Personally, I’m not interested in making my life more love love. I prefer to have hypothetical arguments


Latest hypothetical argument #1
He said: Our daughter will want to become an artist and you won’t let her and she and I will run away to Portland
I said: I’m not going to stop her from becoming an artist. If you want to eat salty black licorice everyday, you should run away by yourself


Latest hypothetical argument #2
I said: I don’t want to live in Summerhill and have our kids surrounded by other kids who think life should be easy and they deserve everything they want
He said: But *I* want to live in Summerhill


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