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We usually celebrate v-day on Feb 13 at Take Sushi. This year, as we walked along Front street at 6 pm, we realized that Take Sushi is closed!

Wandering around when temperature outside is zero fahrenheit did not appeal, so we opted for Ki. I’ve always enjoyed food there but I don’t usually go there for non-work stuff because the ambiance is kinda corporatey. I couldn’t order matcha because the dessert chef stole all the powder for the dessert on the v-day menu.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely meal.

  • Hamachi with fresh ginger (the best part is the hidden shiso leaf)
  • Maple-tamari binnaga (his favorite)
  • Ceviche wasn’t that great but it reminded me how much I love amaebi so I ordered some amaebi nigiri
  • Spicy scallop + asparagus
  • Tako with cucumber and japanese pepper (really refreshing and perfect transition to dessert)
  • Choco truffle cake with burnt miso (uummammiii)

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