grateful (count=905)


  • Lots of pictures of the cottages and Airbnb’s we stayed at in and around NOLA so I created a new flickr album just for this
  • Here is a shot from inside the school house; love spreading my stuff around someone else’s space and cooking in someone else’s kitchen
  • He made delish asparagus with truffle oil today; I want to say inspired by Masterchef Canada but more likely my nagging
  • We tried pork shoulder in red lager + sauerkraut to make better use of slow cooker
  • This follows the beer meme that I started when I made a stout sauce for scallops for dad’s bday
  • … plus seared sesame-crusted tuna
  • Accompanied by pickled veggie quinoa salad and …
  • … lemony celery fennel salad

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