grateful (count=911)

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  • For my bday, we attended an aria competition at the four season center; luv luv the Richard Bradshaw amphitheatre in the form of a staircase; luv luv the free concernts; some VIP’s did not show up so we got front row seats
  • Also for bday, we did a lindy hop class; so fun
  • Also for bday, we went to AGO for the Basquiet exhibit; I’m still trying to wrap my head around it
  • Delish sushi with Stephen/Denise at Katsura
  • More delish sushi with Neil at Nama
  • Zack is visiting from Shanghai; he said he is looking forward to eating authentic Chinese food in Toronto; I said ??? apparently it’s difficult to find non-crazy stuff (e.g. without shark fin) in China nowadays

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