grateful (count=961)

DSC07240 (2)

It might be surprising that we only planned six things this whole year. For some of the months, there are reasons.

January: New Orleans
March: Peru (picture above from Sacred Valley)
April: Bolivia (picture below from Salar de Uyuni)


In Bolivia, our driver asked why I’m always running away from the vehicle. To get a different perspective, I said.

But what happened in May? Does the fact that I didn’t go anywhere and didn’t do any activity make it a most boring month. I’d like to think not. For example, I made basil beef for the first time in May. It’s not that different from other beef stir fry that I make but hey I’ve never used basil in stir fry before. And I used a combination of wilted and fresh basil. So there!


I made roasted radishes for the first time in June. I’ve often used radishes in salads but roasted tastes different in a lovely way. A different perspective.



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