pacific northwest part i (count=1015)


So last June we talked about visiting Tillamook and here we are finally starting our Pacific Northwest trip. There are three things on my list in addition to Tillamook: Willamette, Mount Hood and PDX.

i++: There is no direct flight from Toronto to Oregon, so we flew into SEA and rented a car. Since we are heading South, we grabbed sushi in Tacoma as we were driving through. I love ginger so Gari sounded good. Love love geisha roll = salmon + tuna + yellowtail + ginger/gari + shiso leaf. Picked up a copy of the local Japanese newspaper because the sushi pictures make me drool.

i++: We didn’t drive for very long before he exhibited caffeine withdrawal symptoms. As we drove through Olympia, we popped by the capitol boulevard location of Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. Great vibe. Great coffee.

i++: After driving through rain and rainbow, we finally arrived at Hood River Inn. I picked it for the location: on the Columbia River and five breweries within walking distance. I figured we could stumble back to the hotel without falling into the river. The location is good and the design is even better. Mies van der Rohe Japanese-y.

i++: For dinner, I reviewed reviews of all five breweries and picked Full Sail. 1999 old board head barley wine. Wow.


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