pacific northwest part ii (count=1021)

img src=Douglas Orton

Today is the biking day. If it were sunny, I would have wanted to bike up to Panorama Point Park. Since it was rainy, there was no chance of seeing Mount Hood. Thank goodness because it is hilly around here.

i++: First stop was Pearl’s Place. While I munched on juicy snow white peaches, he gave me an evil look. I assured him that the road ahead is not so steep.

i++: Easy ride to Mount Hood Winery. I enjoyed tasting the Pinot and the Pinot Reserve side by side.

i++ Easy ride to Fox Tail Cider. Love the Fuzzy Haven peach cider. Not sweet but smells peachy keen.

i++ Not so easy ride to Hood River Lavender Farm up Straight Hill Road. Is this called that because it goes straight up?! Delish lavender lemonade.

i++ Not so easy ride to Cascade Alpacas Farm. Such cute babies. He got a pair of alpaca wool socks. They are hard-earned, he says.

i++ I meant to take Wyeast Roard but got onto Canyon Road. Downhill blur as the trees rushed by.


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