PDX plan

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So we hiked five miles in the rain today. Not because the rain caught us by surprise. But because it was raining all day and we said what the heck. After a hot shower, we are ready for PDX.

P.S. He planned most of the PDX activities.

4: Hot Box BBQ; his pick!
5: Check into airbnb; buy groceries
9: Christopher Brown Quartet at Jimmy Mak’s; his pick!

9: Moberi; his pick!
10: Pittock Mansion
11: Japanese Garden
1: Viking Soul Food; his pick!
2: Breakside Brewery; his pick!
7: Waterfront Concert; his pick!

9: Esplanade Loop; Stumptown Coffee Roasters
11: Powell City of Books; QUIN; CACAO
1: Kargi Gogo; his pick!
2: Rogue
7: Waterfront Concert Rain Date


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