sliding doors


When I bought the condo, there were two places that I seriously considered. The other one was close to Kensington Market, which I love, but it only had one bathroom. In the end, I decided that having two bathrooms is critical.

Another thing I love about my place which I did not consider at the time is the kitchen. Open kitchens look lovely but the fact that I like to sear everything and he doesn’t like the smell makes our kitchen perfect.

highlighter doggies

We think we need two bedrooms so I’ve looked around a little bit but I honestly cannot find anything better. We are on the sixth floor which has a sky deck. I go to St Louis once a month so being close to Union Pearson Express is great. He goes to Mississauga twice a month so being close to the Go station is great.

In the end, we decided to separate the den using glass sliding doors


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