memories coalescing


I don’t regret revisiting Utah last year.

Certainly Zion in the spring is very different from winter. The fact that cars are not allowed into the park in the busy season and that we had to ride the bus resulted in some interesting views through the tinted window.

The hike to delicate arch was amazing despite the Chinese tour bus. My dad actually told this Chinese lady to stop after she did twenty poses so that the non-Chinese tourists can have a go at it.


I recall seeing a painting that Tiffany was working on. There were beautiful details of rolling forests and a huge white space in the center. That’s Bryce Canyon, she said. Now that I’ve been there, I see what she might have been getting at. It’s more atmospheric to look over the amphitheaters into the distance than to look into them.

(Grand Canyon, on the other hand, I think one needs to step into to experience.)

So if I enjoyed it immensely, why am I still not done uploading the photos?

As someone who reads various travel magazines and blogs, I see amazing pictures of Utah National Parks every week. Reviewing my owns shots seem boring in comparison. But looking at them again and threading and rethreading my own thoughts, I feel memories coalescing.

P.S. A photo from my dad from Zion


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