nuitblanche (count=1051)

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I want to go to nuitblanche on Sunday morning this time!

Beaufort 0: Cumulus, 2006/2008: To film Cumulus, Tomás Saraceno travelled to Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), which, at around 12,000 sq km, is the largest salt lake on earth. By floating a ring of 32 cameras on the surface of the lake, the artist captured the impressive atmospheric panorama.

Beaufort 1: Dispersal Zone, 2015: The artist modifies existing street lamps on Queens Quay East by adding a shroud around the lamp head from which smoke falls in a glowing cascade to the ground. This project blends a spectral theatricality with visions of civil unrest or military action.

Beaufort 4: Lava Field No. 2, 2015: From sunset to sunrise, 15 tons of molten rock generating temperatures upwards of 1800°C flows from a coke-fired cupola, creating a geomorphically accurate lava field. Occasional “eruptions” occur throughout the night modeling natural explosive volcanism.

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