going somewhere (count=1091)


Wow!!! It’s been 21 months since I had a “my life is boring” moment. Maybe because I took preemptive action nine months ago. Or perhaps it’s a sign that I’m now mature enough to enter the next phase.

It’s not that I’m no longer interested in traveling to new places but that I don’t need to go to new places to feel like I’m going somewhere. Because time never stands still.

On the way back from St Louis, I spent three days in Chicago.

  • Walking by Gene Siskel usually makes me smile; I made various people watch various movies that they described as the most depressing thing ever
  • Jenny and I signed up for a free tour of the architecture biennial; the official guide never showed up but one of the other people who signed up is a docent with the foundation and gave a wonderful impromptu tour
  • At lunch, Chris O said Sam recently engaged in a lengthy debate regarding the existence of free will and it reminded Chris of the conversations that Sam and I used to have at the office; maybe this is why I had to work late all the time
  • Revisiting Navy Pier, the destination of most of my morning runs; I walk up brightly painted unfamiliar stairs; the old ferris wheel has stopped running
  • I drop by after words and pick up where I’m calling from; illinois street is not quite what I remember
  • Hotel Palomar; bartender shares his thoughts on the story I’m reading and suggests a New Yorker article on how Carver’s editor influenced his short sentence structure
  • Bluecoat American dry gin



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