from paris to la paz (count=1099)


  • Normally, I have Alpen dark choco cereal for breakfast on weekdays
  • The other day, I felt special and got Choco Brioche @ Brick Street Bakery
  • Met up with Lin @ la Boulangerie in Chicago and the Canelé was amazing; saying “a small French pastry with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust” makes me feel like I’m in Paris although wikipedia says it’s a Bordeaux specialty
  • Before The Shining, I got “a trio of gorditas: huitlacoche, chicken and chorizo and potato” @ Xola; James loved the Pozole with giant corn; I said I thought you don’t like soup; he said I don’t like soup that are not flavorful; I guess I gotta work harder on the spice factor
  • I actually don’t remember eating a lot of giant corn in Mexico; it was everywhere in Bolivia; unlike typical North America corn, this stuff is not sweet and extra delicious if you load it up with salt … mmm …



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