Toronto: heart of the Canadian Riviera

img src=Niagara’s Twenty Valley

Really? This is how the story ends?

In my mind, the Millers would leave accidental traces in the Stones’ apartment. When the Stones return, they would be happy to observe the little signs. In fact, the Stones dedicated an entire pinterest board to positioning their apartment as the perfect place for the Millers’ tryst.

Or is my version too 2015?

When I read Fathom’s list of best travel blogs, I was surprised to find that there are still blogs catering to people fantasizing about living in Paris. I stopped doing that in 2008. Why live in Paris, when you can live in Toronto, the heart of the Canadian Riviera?

P.S. I actually like reading this blog. For example, I read about Nuit Blanche Paris and make a list of reasons why Nuit Blanche Toronto is better.


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