how do I want my week to end?


We usually eat out once a week on the weekend. This morning, we started talking about where to go. We are seeing The Public Servant at Berkeley Theater so somewhere close to there would be convenient. As we talked, I started wondering … does it make sense that eating out is such an important part of our weekend? It’s always fun to go out to eat with friends. But when there are no social events … how do I want my week to end?

11:00 Listen to jazz fm while he makes coffee and eggs; yes we are drinking coffee from my trip
1:00 File everything in my inbox
3:00 Shop at St Lawrence Market
4:00 Run east along the waterfront
5:00 Test a new recipe
8:00 Theatre, film, etc.

11:00 Make pancakes
1:00 Pre-read for next week’s meetings
3:00 Walk over to my parents; browse through all the books that I could be reading @ circus
5:00 Play the piano
6:00 Dinner
8:00 Subway back downtown; check out the latest TTC posters
9:00 Blog, organize travel photos, etc.

Ideally, every weekend would encapsulate all that I love about life: drinking coffee, watching movies, grocery shopping, cooking, running, walking, reading, writing and, of course, working!



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