BRKLYN (count=1203)

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successfully met my coffee x2 choco x2 target …

  • 10 am coffee run @ bitter sweet
  • 10:10 meetup with Ah-Dur + Tania @ Brooklyn Tabernacle
  • followed by lunch @ sotto casa (where Tania told me her friend lives on the same street as Ethan Hawke in Boerem Hill)
  • afternoon coffee run @ cafe pedlar
  • afternoon greeting card run @ papel
  • wandering around Red Hook West (picture above): In 1990 Life magazine named Red Hook as one of the worst neighborhoods in the United States and as the crack capital of America
  • super cute @ foxy & winston
  • afternoon chocolate run @ cacao prieto
  • another chocolate run @ raaka
  • admiring yuko zhimizu @ DUMBO

Shimizu Yuko


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