less is more muji

img src=cgsociety.org

Him: I don’t like round spaces
Me: Even Mies likes round spaces (see villa tugendhat above)

Dad is coming over to install blinds next week. Here is one last view into our round space pre-blinds. I think the blinds will do well extending the wall behind the television set.

P1020635 (2)

P1020635 (2)
right img src=Muji (Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, 300 km west of Tokyo)(watching tv in light well does not seem practical)

Credits: His sofa, ottoman, credenza and coffee table; my dining set and modular seating

I went into the Muji store wondering what I can buy to make our space more Muji. I don’t want to be too Muji since I like round space and dislike light wood (and apparently white walls are not practical). Just a little more Muji would be great.

I went out of the Muji store realizing that the answer is nothing.

There is too much stuff already.

P.S. I did buy a hair clip and some candy.


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