the sound of music

img src=hallstatt

Situation: I love little villages in the Alps
Complication: I hate big mobs of tourists
Question: How to minimize the risk of running into big mobs of tourists while visiting little villages in the Alps?

1. Visit during shoulder season
2. Get up early
3. Run away on e-bike

1. Visit Salzburgland in October
2. Take the first ferry to Hallstat at 7:06 and watch trout whacking
3. Bike up to Gosau as soon as I spot the mob

guide: Where you reach the fork in the paths, bikes must be carried (about 30 minutes). Pass the Durchgangalm and you will arrive at a “crossroads”. Turn left here and you can get on your bike again and enjoy a long ride along the Echerntal valley to Hallstatt.


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