beer for humanity (COUNT=1259)


i++ Gray Roots Museum with his parents to see “Saints & Sinners: A Spirited History of Grey County” (picture above)

i++ Royal City Hibiscus Saison: “tradional farmhouse style ale fermented with Escarpment Labs’ old world saison yeast. A generous hibiscus tea infusion adds a modest pink blush to the beer”

i++ Wellington: Dad loves Imperial Russian Stout: “Imperial Russian Stout is one of the boldest beers brewed in Ontario. With an inviting aroma of dark chocolate and coffee, Imperial Russian Stout has a smooth, full bodied flavour patterned after the highly fortified stouts that were exported from the U.K. to Russia in the 1800’s”

i++ Jordon St John’s Tour with Tiffany & Faisel: “I had finished my Heritage Toronto walk on the Lost Breweries of the old city, the third of four for the summer, and had managed to remember nearly all of the regular talking points. Headed east over the Don, I was kicking myself for confusing the High Park Johns. Surely John Howard lived in John Colborne’s Lodge. I should have known that. My high school operated on a house system and I was IN Howard’s for God’s sake. It shouldn’t have been that hard to remember, but in the moment, in the direct sunlight, with a crowd of a couple of dozen ticket holders watching, you can misspeak”


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