not traveling (COUNT=1276)


One thing you remember on vacation is that it’s very romantic is to take long walks so we decided to do a three hour walk this weekend.

1. We began by walking east to where Queen meets King and grabbed coffee to go from Odin. Walking through Europaviertel in Frankfurt reminded me of this area.


2. Part of the path along the Don River is under construction (and he does not believe in walking through construction sites) so we took a detour along Broadview and admired the brickwork on some buildings.


3. One thing I love about Toronto is that you can be on a busy street with glassy condo buildings and then, down a flight of stairs, tree branches in every direction.


4. At Big Teeth, we took the path north (instead of east to my parents) and enjoyed the canoe sculptures.

5. Further north, we crossed mountain biking paths and frisbee golf thingy’s (see top picture).

6. At one point, as we walked along a winding road towards Sunnybrook Hospital, he said: this is just like Germany.

Maybe castles are just a state of mind!


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