there (there) and here (COUNT=1283)


One interest that I picked up from him is Le Corbusier and, in Stuttgart, we visited the Weissenhof Estate.

NYTimes: Imagine one of those glacially chic early-20th-century Modernist interiors. // Whatever you imagined, I’ll bet it was in black and white. It’s a safe bet, because our perceptions of early Modernism — at the Bauhaus design school in 1920s Germany, or the purist villas that Le Corbusier was building in France — are shaped by the photographs taken at the time, and they were all in black and white.


In Frankfurt, we also saw some interesting architecture. Somehow the interior of MyZeil Shopping Mall reminds me of Wong Kar-wai. We didn’t have lunch on the train from Austria and got super hungry in the middle of the afternoon when all German restaurants are closed. So we ate good thai food while listening to jazz.

For his birthday coming up, we are planning to revisit poetry jazz cafe (preceded by dinner at rose & son). We’ve done a few stay-cations but this year, just home.


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