northwest by north

So we are eating dinner and watching “New Friends in Strange Places: F*CK, THAT’S DELICIOUS”. Reminded me to continue on from this last post.

Day 5 of OR/WA Trip: driving from Willamette Valley to PDX with a detour to visit Frank Lloyd Wright + Christopher Brown Quartet at Jimmy Mak’s


Day 6 of OR/WA Trip: Japanese Garden + Viking Soul Food + Spin Laundry Lounge


Day 7 of OR/WA Trip: Chinese Garden + Christopher David + Oblation Paper

img src=rrpdx

Day 8 of OR/WA Trip: Ristretto Roasters + Lark Press + driving to Seattle

Day 9 of OR/WA Trip: The Library + Cafe Presse


Day 10 of OR/WA Trip: Uni with Feifei, Larry & Duke + last night in Seattle

Day 11 of OR/WA Trip: Starbucks at Columbia Center then home sweet home


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