the spaces (between places) (COUNT=1302)

img src=richardjohnson

They say this will be a bad winter

I’m looking forward to seeing ice on the lake

The past weekend, we did a shorter walk. Passing Big Teeth, instead of turning North, we went East along Taylor Creek Park and visited my parents. Before taking the stairs down to Todmorden Mills, there is the Richard Johnson Gallery: “the Ice Fishing Hut has its own essential purpose. It must be weather resistant and transportable, giving basic shelter and access to the ground beneath it. For this ongoing project (2007 – today) Richard is traveling across Canada comparing the similarities, and differences, of Ice Fishing architecture”

I forgot to bring my camera so, instead of describing the walk to Main Street, I will illustrate some of the spaces in St Lawrence


Toronto Sculpture Garden is a space between King and Oak Hall Lane. In this picture, there is no sculpture, only the base of something that used to be here.


This is a branch of the Public Library. You enter from a courtyard between Frederick and Lower Sherbourne.


This is a window on a lane between Frederick and Jenoves Place. A window where birds come to die.

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