grateful (COUNT=1314)


We are going through his old photographs as part of the minimization process and found some interesting things. He took the one on the left when he was in high school and a friend took the one on the right. Along with pocket ninja, these will be the only decorative elements in the bedroom

img src=thelittleblackcoffeecup

When Neo Coffee Bar first opened, we went for coffee and I had a slice of the matcha cake and it was nice. These days, we go there at least once a month because watching the dusting of the choux is just mesmerizing. This weekend, I got half a roll of the london fog cake for mum’s birthday and it was amazing. Like sniffing bergamot rind and drinking cold pressed bergamot oil. At the same time

Also found an interesting film in the Bloor Cinema newsletter: “I always dreamed of returning to Italy”


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